… Being Underestimated…hurts

I’m an Under Dawg…..I’m too sexy, too this, too that, because my city is one big JUDGEMENTAL POT of Sorority and fraternity members of Nepotism …it ain’t what you know in Columbus Ohio, Franklin county, it is how people know you, and if you fit their judgemental viewpoints of how Absorbable you are into WHITENESS…….. however, the Lord always keep a RAM in the Bush. I went to school with some pretty influential people that are far to distant to actually engage the very community they claim to support…..LIARS, and self preservationists..

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I want to be the change I seek! I believe in the Black and Brown Dollar. Having a Masters in Business Administration is just a Plus. I have been raised and mentored by Powerful, and intelligent Black Women, I call my Spiritual Mothers. I love all those that love us, and believe that with a little help everyone can own a successful and thriving business. I can help coach you with your business from the ground up, and will hold your hand the entire time. I ask the Lord to Bless me with the Wisdom to handle my assignment, and make me acceptable unto him! I believe in Jesus, and I come in the name of Jesus, so let's get to work. Love you, and stay safe please.

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