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Hey Boo, we need to talk!! Over jello shots though. I see you working that new business of yours, need any help? I got you, because I wanna be the change I seek! Concrete Roses UNITE! Join us for a nice afternoon of class. What’s in the Swag BAGS??? See you soon, my little Char-coo-ter-rieContinue reading “Boss BABE Day PARTEE!”

My 1 LB MIRACLE….is graduating From H.S., Senior Pics time…

What seems like the moment I have been praying for, since he was born….. Has finally arrived. My one pound six and a quarter ounce miracle, is GRADUATING FROM East High School soon, and I’m a Proud Mama, to say the least…… His name is Alek, That Great πŸ˜ƒ…. We are taking our Senior PicsContinue reading “My 1 LB MIRACLE….is graduating From H.S., Senior Pics time…”


I hope that you had a wonderful Easter Holiday 😌. Now that we’re covered, let’s be great and get back to work!! Tonight, at 6 pm Dem GIRLz in Construction will meet for the FIRST TIME at Shepherd Library Col. Oh……THIS IS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN about BIDDING, ESTIMATING, CERTIFICATIONS etc…..then on everyContinue reading “BACK TO WORK 😊”

… Being Underestimated…hurts

I’m an Under Dawg…..I’m too sexy, too this, too that, because my city is one big JUDGEMENTAL POT of Sorority and fraternity members of Nepotism …it ain’t what you know in Columbus Ohio, Franklin county, it is how people know you, and if you fit their judgemental viewpoints of how Absorbable you are into WHITENESS……..Continue reading “… Being Underestimated…hurts”

…AND ANOTHER ONE!(in my DJ Khaled VOICE).😝😝 EVENT That is….

Well, one of my Favorite Rappers is in TOWN, and Well…… I’m off….there will be MORE pics in the Morning 😜 Trend Setting….πŸŒΉπŸ€œπŸ€—πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜LIKE My OUTFIT? Get you one, click this link: ““ Want some EXCLUSIVE Easter CANDY? Click this link:

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