Happy Magnificent Monday Black Business Owners

Hey Family!! Let’s talk BUSINESS! If you need funding for your Business, you will need to have your 2019 personal tax return for sure and your 2019 business tax returns if you have both. Financial funding will be based on your Credit, Yes personal and Business; they will check your collateral; and they will check if your company brings in any Cash flow. Yes they want to know if your company is solving a problem or else it doesn’t make sense. Last but not least do you have a business bank account to deposit the funds if you win your grant or loan? Well, if you need help with your business plan, or $3 business checklist template, click on my 30 min free calendly link. Or sign up for classes that start in September….but stay in touch….i realize every business is different, so we take our time….and commit to staying by your side as long as you will need. Like a Business Hospital. I love YAW!💯😇Plz stay safe…WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS! 😘

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I want to be the change I seek! I believe in the Black and Brown Dollar. Having a Masters in Business Administration is just a Plus. I have been raised and mentored by Powerful, and intelligent Black Women, I call my Spiritual Mothers. I love all those that love us, and believe that with a little help everyone can own a successful and thriving business. I can help coach you with your business from the ground up, and will hold your hand the entire time. I ask the Lord to Bless me with the Wisdom to handle my assignment, and make me acceptable unto him! I believe in Jesus, and I come in the name of Jesus, so let's get to work. Love you, and stay safe please.

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