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Well at least JUNETEENTH ✊ is now a Federal Holiday, and we would have liked it to been a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, to bar against condescending white people who are very much Racist and trying to hide it…BUT the wheels on this car is turning and the White people will just have to conform or be left out. We also got to witness EVE Vs Trina, in the LAST VERSUZ on IG. .Trina used gimmicks, EVE USED HER REAL SKILLS….EVE WON, THERE WAS NOT A TIE!! I also became an App Developer over the last few weeks in a Micro Internship with What’s Cookin, a nonprofit community resource sharing app, and so far so good ….matter fact I’m offering extra plates of STROMBOLIs I made, do you want one? Join my circle at:

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YO!! JUNETEENTH is next WEEK!! Meet me at EASTLAND Mall JUNE 13th thru JUNE 19th, its a COMING Home type of CELEBRATION at Columbus Ohio’s only Black MALL left in the city. Thanks to Sharon Gordon, and Urbantrendsetters Media. WE are Going to CREATE our own BLACK WALL STREET, mark my words!!!! ALL Week long will be filled with Culture Centered events, and all the people we missed seeing throughout the pandemic. Stay tuned for my first podcast, live from the event, it will also be streamed live on my YOUTUBE channel, Black Girl Magic Masters LLC, and on my Tik Tok Live starting Sunday at 11am…..see you soon, LOVE, Peace, and Hairgrease!

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